Whether you had a bad day or you want to reward yourself for a job well done, what?s better than grabbing your favorite comfort food and indulging just a little bit? Comfort foods are foods that do just that; bring you comfort. There?s a few ways that comfort foods can bring you comfort. A nostalgic experience of eating mom?s famous pancakes or dad?s guacamole, a favorite food or flavor, like brownies, that?s bound to cheer you up, or food that?s meant to cheer you up after emotional distress, like ice cream.

Comfort foods can vary depending on where you are or where you come from as you?ll find in this book. There?s certain recipes that you may not associate as a comfort food, such as hummus or lassi, but people across the globe reach for these same foods the way someone else might reach for bacon or peanut butter.

The incredible thing about comfort foods is the effect they have on us mentally and physically. You?ll not want to overindulge in too many comfort food recipes too often because an increased rate of consumption of high fat or high sugar foods can result in unhealthy weight added to your frame. You?ll also want to ensure that you don?t reach for comfort foods each time you?re emotionally distressed since this can build a connection of eating as a coping mechanism, which is also unhealthy.

All in all, these comfort food recipes are an easy way to get involved in the kitchen while making some of your favorite recipes that may include a twist or two as well.

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